Video: SPB Fabric Use Cases

As part of his “how does Avaya implement data center fabrics” presentation, Roger Lapuh talked about use cases for SPB in data center fabrics.

I have no idea what Extreme decided to do with the numerous data center fabric solutions they bought in the last few years, so the video might have just a historic value at this point… but it’s still nice to see what you can do with smart engineering.


  1. Thanks for this video from your attic. Are you aware of any deployment in real world for that spanning tree on steroids thingy?
    1. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

      I real world most of the lemmings turned around and are currently heading for another cliff.
    2. Hehe. That's a good one! And the other cliff is named RIFT/rift ;)
    3. There are over 1200 Avaya SPBM deploys .
      That’s Ethernet technology
      There is no domain that you can not use that tech ...DC,campus’s ,utilities
      And many more use it because it’s just works...
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