The Difference between Hodgepodge PoC and Production

A friend of mine who had the unfortunate “pleasure” of being exposed to one of the open-source controller platforms sent me this after reading my snarky take on bragging about what you’re doing at Something-Open-Something-Something conferences.

This made me chuckle. I've got sick and tired of someone doing something as a proof-of-concept then bragging about it. When you start digging, you realize it's a bunch of shell scripts, Python code to mend other run time problems and a pile of luck when it comes to the goldilocks solution versioning issue (just the right code level for just the right scenario) < My porridge is just the right temperature Mama bear!!

Whilst the dubbed "BGP tie breakers" are sometimes ugly, they are a well understood pot of gun powder and when used properly are effective. At least we know what the order is and how they work. I'm not sure I want to learn different flavors of proprietary intent based decision making software. We haven't even covered ML yet or the impact that could have.

Someone quite famous in the ML world who deals with networking said during a project proposal to a bunch of academics "You really want to put (an equivalent of) a three-year-old at the controls of this thing?"


  1. I can't catch the point with what you and your friend want to tell us with this blog post. Can you please clarify? ML = Machine Learning?
    1. Yes. Can you help out, dear namesake?
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