Get Familiar with Leaf-and-Spine Fabrics

An attendee of my Building Next-Generation Data Center online course asked me what the best learning path might be for a total (data center) beginner that has to design and install a small leaf-and-spine fabric in a near future.

This blog post was written for subscribers who want to get the most out of content. If you’re only interested in free stuff, you might feel it’s a waste of your time. You’ve been warned ;)

If you need a baseline understanding of what data center fabrics should be, start with Requirements, Architectures and Technology Overview parts of Data Center Fabric Architectures webinar.

Continue with the basics of leaf-and-spine fabric design:

Go through the VXLAN basics: at least introduction to VXLAN, data plane and VXLAN-based transport fabrics from VXLAN Technical Deep Dive webinar.

If you plan to deploy EVPN, go through the whole EVPN Technical Deep Dive. No shortcuts here – it’s crucial you get it all.

Most customers prefer to buy the gear first and then start wondering how to use it, so you might already have the kit list. If you did it right (starting with requirements and then figuring out which vendor meets them) continue with vendor-specific parts of Data Center Fabric Architectures webinar.

Obviously I’d recommend you go for the Designing and Building Data Center Fabrics or Building Next-Generation Data Center online courses, but even without doing that you can use the recommended path from the data center fabrics online course as you get most of the materials with Standard subscription.


  1. Is there really nothing new in the east besides your frequent repetitions and your advertisements? It's a pity. I miss the old days.
    1. Some of us have to pay our bills while producing free content. Yeah, I know that's hard to grasp.

      Speaking of free content: you probably produced more than I did, so please point me to it - would love to see some more good stuff out there.
    2. Best bang for the buck, Ivan. Keep Your paid services going, please ☺
    3. eh - I consider it more of advocating better, simpler, and more effective network designs. There just simply is not much else out there that provides this type of content. As a former student of the building next gen dc course and a former subscriber I can vouch for the content and say with confidence that it is top notch and deserves to be advertised in a informative way every now and then...
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