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  1. Is there any material on infrastructure as a code you can recommend? Any books?
    1. I'm positive there's tons of information out there, but not much on using infrastructure-as-code approach in networking.

      We did a bit of that in the network automation online course (Mark Prior had a great presentation in the spring 2018 session: and Pete Lumbis talked about CI/CD here, and I plan to have a separate session focused on this topic (resulting in a new course module) in autumn. I also covered how you can manage device configurations with Git here:

      If you don't like my webinars and courses :( then the only good book I could recommend on network automation (not sure whether they deal with infrastructure-as-code) is There's also a pretty good intro presentation from RIPE71:

      Further pointers obviously much appreciated.
    2. Join this slack workspace - and just read the chats. Many good links and many of the most active network -> dev guys frequent these channels.
  2. Hank Preston from Cisco has some interesting ideas on the topic:

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