Speakers in the Spring 2018 Building Next-Generation Data Center Online Course

We managed to get another awesome lineup of speakers for the Spring 2018 Building Next-Generation Data Center online course.

Russ White, one of the authors of CCDE and CCAr programs and highly respected book author will start the course with a topic everyone should always consider when designing new infrastructure: how do you identify tradeoffs and manage complexity, making sure you meet the customer requirements while at the same time having an easy-to-operate infrastructure.

Chris Wahl, independent virtualization author and co-host of Datanauts podcast, will add a much needed perspective: he’ll talk about server virtualization and its integration with networking infrastructure from the perspective of a system- and virtualization administrators.

Michele Chubirka, a security guru exploring the stormy waters of DevOps will describe how she managed to integrate DevOps-focused development teams with more traditional infrastructure teams. I’ve seen an early draft of her presentation: expect a lively and somewhat controversial experience ;)

Ed Horley, IPv6 and cloud solutions expert, will conclude the live sessions with a no-nonsense survival roadmap badly needed by anyone who’s facing a hybrid- or public cloud migration challenge.

It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll get access to all past guest speaker presentations the moment you register for the course. These presentations include:

  • Howard Marks talking about distributed storage;
  • Stephen Foskett talking about containers and Docker;
  • Scott Lowe describing his journey to open source world;
  • Russ White explaining the lessons learned in his open networking and whitebox switching efforts @ LinkedIn;
  • Thomas Wacker outlining UBS automation efforts resulting in fully-automated data center deploments;
  • Andrew Lerner and Simon Richard from Gartner talking about current state of enterprise networking.

Interested? Register here.

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