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Worth Reading: Whiteboxes for Everyone

Gian Paolo Boarina wrote a blog post describing why it’s so ridiculous to see everyone excited about the latest thing Netflix (or Google or Amazon or…) managed to pull off. Absolutely worth reading.

On a similar topic: did you notice that Google started promoting clientless SSL VPN as the next great thing? RFC 1925 anyone?

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  1. By the way, here two recent talks about that 'ISP whitebox' project I presented at RIPE69, quoted in the article:

    NZNOG (Jan '18):
    ITNOG (Oct '17):

    Completely agree that "Enterprise are different" but imho ISPs are not: building your own gear has been a feasible and effective strategy for a few years.

  2. Also, you might have noticed that CloudFlare is launching the commercial equivalent of BeyondCorp:

    I don't think a BeyondCorp (or non-Google equivalent) is a dumb move that deserves a 1925 misquote :)

  3. Intended or not Ivan is right about beyondcorp and rfc1925

    This is the original white paper which was published in claiming it is a new idea is a bit of a stretch..

  4. It's all about people. The people make the difference not hardware or software. There's always a solution to a human created problem. May it be whitebox switches or what ever else have you. What's really ridiculous is the fact that it's still TCP/IP for over 30 years. So there's is no evolution and there won't ever be any (totally agree with RFC 1925). The only thing that's really evolving is human stupidity.


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