Wow, another Year Swooshed By…

Could you believe it? Another year swooshed by… and it’s high time to stop being snarky and cynical, disconnect from the Internet, and spend a few days with people who really matter – our families.

For me, there’s another large group of people that matter: my users.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who believed in me and decided to buy my subscription (and I know people who renew the subscription just to support my work). The ability to create new content and describe how new technologies work without the daily pressures of 8-6 work is priceless.

Another huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended my online courses and worked really hard to become a better engineer or architect. You have no idea how tough these courses can get if you want to squeeze the maximum out of them – I was running CCIE bootcamps decades ago and some habits die hard. Regardless, many of the attendees wildly surpassed my expectations, and continued working on their assignments months after the courses completed. I can’t tell you how proud I am of your achievements!

My special thanks go to all guest speakers – you’re bringing the much-needed diversity, specialized expertise, and different perspectives to I’m looking forward to creating even more great content with you in 2018!

Finally, you might have noticed that a large percentage of my blog posts answer questions you’re sending me. Thank you for all the challenging questions – they’re always fun to work on and write about.

I should stop rambling and disconnect, but there’s one more thing: I was fortunate enough to find someone who will help me declutter, and bring some order in the mess it has become through organic growth. More about that in early 2018 ;)


  1. Thanks Ivan for the highly intellectual posts and brainstorming in the comments section. Certainly be proud of buying your subscriptions and the content . Helped me a become a better thinker and problem solver.
    1. Thanks for a really kind comment ;) Glad to hear you found them useful.
  2. Thanks for the great posts Ivan, i dont post much but i do read everything, keep up the good work! Looking forward to a next year of awesome insights.
  3. Thanks for this year! Your blog is always a good source of insight and inspiration. Happy holidays.
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