Video: Avaya [now Extreme] Data Center Solutions

I haven’t done an update on what Avaya was doing in the data center space for years, so I asked my good friend Roger Lapuh to do a short presentation on:

  • Avaya’s data center switches and their Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) fabric;
  • SPB fabric features;
  • Interesting use cases enabled by SPB fabric.

The videos are now available to everyone with a valid account – the easiest way to get it is a trial subscription.


  1. Why do we want to run an overlay on a dc fabric network if we can route traffic from servwrs based on regional redundanr model.
    I understand each instance of vm are attached to a vlan/vxlan and each vlan or vxlan has a overlay to the fabr8c egress .

    Network Infra is shared but network service is dedicated wrt to condigurations and service handling.

    What are the benefits of vxlan/vlan solutionand running each instance of vm in a vrf

    Isis is ised to run routing v4/v6 multicast routes as well in afo ( avaya fabric orchestartor )
    1. It might be relevant (based on you plugging Azure products in another comment) to mention that you work in an Azure data center, and that whatever you guys are doing doesn't necessarily apply to 99.9% of environments.

      Also, RFC 1925 Rule 4 works both ways - it's impossible to understand why some people seemingly overcomplicate their networks until you're faced with their needs and requirements.
  2. Good one.
    Thinking of multicast in fabric use cases.
    1. Stock exchange feeds. I've heard that's a big deal in some environments.

      Cluster member discovery. Supposedly that's also a big deal in environments that haven't discovered configuration management.

      Distributed storage as implemented by people who still think we're working with thick yellow cable. See
  3. Cluster switch discovery or the server clustering using mutlicast.

    BGP dynamic discovery on both remote ip and asn .

    Remote ip range and asn range is possible.

    Server clustering on the tor will be a good use case.
  4. Map reduce feature would solve. Avaya use case is more on doing mcast upstream switch discovery and plug n play isis .
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