New in Ansible for Networking Engineers Online Course

Plenty of new stuff was added to the Ansible for Networking Engineers online course and webinar since the last update.

Fun things first: I needed adjustable check mode behavior and change tracking in some playbooks, and documented these features in two new videos (online course and webinar).

Like challenges? There’s plenty of them waiting for you in new review questions and challenges covering Ansible deep-dive topics, includes and roles, and Ansible extensions (online course and webinar).

In the online course you’ll find detailed explanations of several case studies:

Finally, there’s a whole new emailing system behind the new user interface with collapsible sections to help you progress through the online course and poke you if you fall behind. Using that system you’ll also be able to track your progress (online course only).

Planned for September/October timeframe:

  • Missing review questions and hands-on exercises;
  • Special offer for undergraduate students (more details in a few days);
  • More case study explanations (online course only)
  • Testing and debugging (online course only).
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