1. And now for all the purchasing departments: require support of this RFC in your next router to prevent operational accidents. Vendors need customer input/demands to justify implementation.
  2. Let's make a list of all the protocols with their ridiculous defaults now. So many!
  3. BGP route leaks are quite popular nowadays...
    1. This seems to be another awesome step in the right direction (yet again, at least a decade too late).
  4. The problem is not having sane defaults or not. Your definition of sane might not be the same as mine. The problem is lack of consistency, which leads to operational mistakes.
    1. I guess our definition of "sane" is very similar (although reading various IETF mailing lists one starts to wonder...). The definition of "defaults I want to fit my needs" obviously varies.

      How about rephrasing "sane" as "something that will do the least damage in the hands of clueless people randomly playing google-and-paste game on their edge routers" ;)
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