Q&A: Building Network Automation Solutions Online Course

I got tons of questions about the upcoming Building Network Automation Solutions online course. It always starts with the same one:

Is access to the self-study material granted upon enrollment?

Absolutely. You also get access to everything we did in January, and the new self-paced Ansible for Networking Engineers online course.

Sometimes the questions get more specific (and thus more interesting):

Will all mentioned topics be covered during live interactive session?

You’ll get tons of self-study materials – see course materials page for details. You’re encouraged to ask questions on our Slack team while studying the materials and write down any topics you’d like to discuss during the live interactive sessions in our course wiki.

Each live session has three elements:

  • Guest speaker presentation;
  • My presentation covering some new aspects of the current module (we’re not repeating the material that’s already available in self-study format);
  • Whiteboarding/Q&A of the topics you wrote down while studying for the course.
Will I get all study materials (like slide decks…) or only online videos?

Explore the list of self-study materials: everything listed there is available as soon as you register. You’ll also get access to numerous sample Ansible playbooks (some of them with detailed explanations), and several full-blown solutions.

Will the labs be provided? Is there any specific time frame to access them?

You’ll build your own fully virtualized lab. All you need it a laptop/workstation with 16GB of RAM.

You’ll get instructions and sample topologies to build a virtual lab with:

  • Cisco devices – requires VMware Workstation/Fusion, VIRL, and Vagrant VMware plugin;
  • Arista EOS – runs in VirtualBox with Vagrant, requires registration to get Vagrant box;
  • Juniper vSRX or Cumulus VX – runs in VirtualBox with Vagrant, no further requirements.

Alternatively, you can build the automation environment on your workstation/laptop and work with any existing lab that gives you SSH access.

Can I reach you later on any further queries?

By joining the course you’re a lifetime member of the course Slack team and can ask follow-up questions whenever needed.


Register now, the early-bird tickets are running out.

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