New in Ansible for Networking Engineers

Here’s the list of materials (and other changes) I added to the Ansible for Networking Engineers webinar and online course in June 2017.

The first thing you’ll notice is the brand-new user interface with collapsible sections, making it easier to grasp the big picture (the change was badly needed – the webinar is already almost 12 hours long).

Next, I started adding review questions and hands-on exercises. YAML, Jinja2 and baseline Ansible sections already have them. I also published the solutions for YAML and Jinja2 sections. Next on the list: networking modules.

Speaking of networking modules: I updated the Introduction section and added a brand-new Connecting to Network Devices and Authenticating section that covers the old (Ansible 2.1 – 2.2) and new (Ansible 2.3+) mechanisms.

I started using the assemble module in many of my playbooks to create device configurations or summary reports, so I added a detailed explanation of how I use it to Working with Files video in Ansible Deeper Dive section.

Finally, I put together a list of useful Ansible playbooks I created during the last 2 years (available in webinar and online course), and started adding detailed explanations (online course only).

Planned for the next few weeks:

  • Review questions and hands-on exercises for networking modules, and extending Ansible and creating reusable code sections.
  • More case study explanations (online course only)

Longer term plans: testing and debugging (online course only)


  1. The link to '' is not working ATM

    Very extensive list of Ansible examples for networkers, keep them coming!
    1. Links fixed. Thank you!
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