What is VxRail?

One of my readers was considering Dell/EMC hyperconverged solutions and sent me this question:

Just wondering if you have a chance to check out VxRail.

I read the data sheet and spec sheet, but have never seen anyone using it (any real-life experience highly welcome – please write a comment).

He continued with “Any chance on doing a webinar on the topic?

Not really. VxRail is just a hardware/SKU packaging exercise. From the software perspective it's mostly a vSphere HA cluster using VSAN for distributed storage, probably having additional easy-to-use provisioning/managing software, similar to what VMware was doing with EVO:Rail.

I covered the networking aspects of vSphere HA clusters in vSphere 6 Networking Deep Dive webinar, distributed storage in Designing Private Cloud Infrastructure webinar, and mentioned some long-distance aspects in Designing Active-Active and Disaster Recovery Data Centers webinar, so I don't think there's much more to say about it.

Eventually I will do an update of the storage section of DC 3.0 webinar (it's been planned for a long while).

Note: you get all of the above-mentioned webinars with the ipSpace.net subscription, and professional or team subscriptions include an online consulting session.


  1. Hint: It is way cheaper to buy the server and software, i.e. the same hardware + software as listed in the VxRail SKU, solely than to buy the VxRail SKU itself. ;-)
  2. Hi, VxRail is one of hyper converged infrastructure solution from VCE, was designed to run all the software design data center solution (vSphere, vSAN, NSX(optional)) from VMware, is like other vsan ready nodes (servers that OEM certified to run vSAN (VMware software powering hyper converged infrastructure solution) the principal difference is like other VCE product, VxRail is a turnkey solution, integrated and completed tested.
    VxRail doesn't use SDDC Manager (replacement of EVO:RAIL
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