Webinars in First Half of 2017

The first half of 2017 is almost gone, so it’s time to check how far I got with the plans I made in January.


You know you get all the materials with ipSpace.net subscription, right?

Still pending:

  • AWS networking (will definitely happen in autumn)
  • EVPN (including EVPN with VXLAN) – hope to have it done in autumn
  • DCI refresh
  • Last section in leaf-and-spine fabric designs

Coming totally out of the blue sky (yes, plans are there to be changed ;)

Dropped from the list: DMVPN refresh. With Cisco buying Viptela, I don’t see much sense in spending time updating DMVPN materials.

Did I mention you can get the subscription for your whole team? Or bundle an online consulting session with the subscription? Now you know ;)


  1. I have a problem with tracking changes in webminar management system. After login I go to the 'New ' tab and see the last changes. I have to do it every day because I cannot see the history - I can see what happened that fits one page (usually last two updates where an update mean what was published in one day).

    I would suggest to add change history tab which covers at least few months i.e. what was updated during a few months.
    1. Very good point. The "New" tab was designed when I was doing 1 webinar a month and should cover ~2 weeks at the current pace of content publishing (yes, it's getting crazy), but that's definitely way too little. Would it make sense to restructure that tab to show webinars that were changed in the last N months?
  2. It would work for me, I guess. You know - just want to track the changes;)
    1. In production. Hope you'll like it.
  3. Yes, I noticed the change. It's fine for me.

    Thank you.
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