Let's build a small network automation solution!

Do you have the feeling that you should know more about network automation, but don't know where to start? I was facing that same problem in 2015, and then started exploring Ansible (plus YAML, Jinja2, Git, Puppet…), creating small playbooks, and finally came to a point where I said "now I know that you can have a small solution solving an actual problem ready in a few weeks even if you know absolutely nothing today".

Based on that belief I created the Building Network Automation Solutions course targeting network engineers that know nothing about network automation. The goal: assuming you haven’t touched network automation before, get you to the point where you’re ready to deploy an actual solution in approximately 2 months.

The January 2017 session was a huge success: I couldn’t believe how many follow-up emails I got from the attendees that managed to do exactly what I envisioned: roll out something small but useful in a production environment.

Do you want to be like them? Check out the details and register for the next online course (the enthusiast price expires on May 31st).

I'm looking forward to working with you on cool network automation stuff ;)

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