CloudScale ASICs on Software Gone Wild

Last year Cisco launched a new series of Nexus 9000 switches with table sizes that didn’t match any of the known merchant silicon ASICs. It was obvious they had to be using their own silicon – the CloudScale ASIC. Lukas Krattiger was kind enough to describe some of the details last November, resulting in Episode 73 of Software Gone Wild.

For even more details, watch the Cisco Nexus 9000 Architecture Cisco Live presentation.


  1. Hey Ivan,

    Is it possible to tune a bit the audio quality of podcast recordings? I enjoy the content and topics are great, but the sound is awful. The sound is pitchy and distorted.

    1. Hi Milen,

      Just listened to this podcast again, and it sounds perfect on my headsets (even more so considering what environment it was recorded in - the audio engineer editing it did a great job).

      What software/hardware are you using to listen to the podcasts?

      Kind regards,
  2. Hi Ivan
    The podcast I had most issues is the "Linux Networking Update from NetDev Conference on Software Gone Wild", but I could't find a blog post for it. Sorry for the confusion.
    I am listening from podcast app on iPhone via bluetooth in my car. I don't know if apple does some transcoding or other, but it has a lot of distortions and echo.
    1. Finding a blog post: google for "whatever-title" ;)

      I listen to every single podcast before I publish it, and while that one wasn't exactly stellar, I don't remember hearing any echo. Try listening to it on regular headphones.
  3. Ivan,

    Please, don't get me wrong, I am not trying to troll here. I like the talks, and I'm interested about the topics and I just wanted to give you some feedback about the audio quality of the podcasts in iTunes.
    1. I don't think you're trolling - I would love be to know if I'm doing something wrong, but like with any other troubleshooting effort we have to establish the simplest possible baseline (= headphones) first.
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