Video: Simplify BGP Configurations

Running BGP instead of an IGP in your leaf-and-spine fabric sounds interesting (mainly if your fabric is large enough). Configuring a zillion BGP knobs on every box doesn’t.

However, BGP doesn’t have to be complex. In the Simplify BGP Configurations video (part of leaf-and-spine fabric designs webinar) Dinesh Dutt explains how you can make BGP configurations simple and easy-to-understand.


  1. Hi Dinesh/Ivan

    If BGP uses interface instead of neighbor IP,do we specialy introduce a new configuration for identifying interface names. Current devices have interface names as 4/51 or such like that , how do we achieve interface naming conventions in router world . In Server Qagga world it looks easy.

    ASP path length and ASN numbers are two different attributes in choosing BGP Path chosing.

    Making a decision based on AS path length and making a desicion based on AS path numbers are two different scenarios.

    AS path length is default one. Policies match AS path numbers for actual mulltipathing. Which is a viable solution.

    DO we peer Public ASN with Private ASN peering in any scenario inside BGP.
    1. Interface naming: I don't see a problem, interfaces always had names ;)

      AS Path Length versus AS Numbers: apart from a few corner cases the AS path length is compared, not the actual AS numbers in the AS path.

      Public/Private ASN: Sure - when you want to advertise your internal addresses straight to public Internet.
  2. @Ivan Is there a name that we can specifiy for an interface for example ethernet 1/20/3 can i call it as just "Port 1" . Is there acommand to it in Cisco , Juniepr and Arista devices.
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