NextGenDC: Securing a Hybrid Cloud with Matthias Luft

Imagine you were asked to migrate some of the workloads running in your data center into a public (or managed) cloud. These workloads still have to access the data residing in your data center – a typical hybrid cloud deployment.

Next thing you know you have to deal with your (C)ISO and his/her usual concerns as well as the variety of articles on tech sites stating that "security is the biggest challenge of cloud adoption".

Want to know how to separate the truth from all the hype and FUD out there? Let's hear it from someone who does that for a living.

In live session in week#5 of the Building Next-Generation Data Center online course Matthias Luft (an excellent security researched working for ERNW Research) will break those security concerns into categories (such as isolation failures, cloud outages, or compliance issues), look at incidents and vulnerabilities from the past, and what we can do about those in our cloud strategy.

Interested? Explore the course description, detailed curriculum, and other guest speakers, and register while there are still some seats left.

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