Worth Reading on Network Guru

Just wanted to point you to two excellent blog posts recently published by Russ White.

Reaction: DevOps and Dumpster Fires

If teaching coders isn’t going to solve the problem, then what do we do? We need to go to where the money is. Applications aren’t bought by coders, just like networks aren’t.
The network vendors aren’t going to help us here, because they’re keen to sell boxes with the latest featuresÔÇöthis is something we must do. There is no cavalry off on the horizon.
DevOps should be about understanding how the network is working and making the network work better, rather than about making the network work in the first place.

Being an Effective Interviewer

First, I start with some project the candidate has worked on in the past […] Second, if the situation calls for it, I set up a simple problem, and add complexity to it over time. A common one is to start with two hosts and a single router drawn on a white board.

And finally, Russ pointed me to yet another LinkedIn Engineering article, this time about automated server provisioning.

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