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Whitebox Switching at LinkedIn with Russ White on Software Gone Wild

When LinkedIn announced their Project Falco I knew exactly what one of my future Software Gone Wild podcasts would be: a chat with Russ White (Mr. CCDE, now network architect @ LinkedIn).

It took us a long while (and then the summer break intervened) but I finally got it published: Episode 62 is waiting for you.

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1 comment:

  1. Interesting discussion, thanks for sharing Ivan!

    Things I would to take from this podcast are:
    - Technology is more important than the feature-set
    - You should own your architecture if you wanna control your future.
    - When a vendor pushes your architecture, hence it pushes your business!
    - Build something around your Business architecture.
    - It's all about sharing and caring in the networking community!
    - You should know why and how things work rather than how to configure them.
    - We call it Software Defined, but it's actually running on ASICs :)


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