First Guest Speaker in Building Next-Generation Data Center Course

When I started thinking about my first online course, I decided to create something special – it should be way more than me talking about cool new technologies and designs – and the guest speakers are a crucial part of that experience.

The first guest speaker is one of the gurus of network design and complexity, wrote numerous books on the topic, and recently worked on a hardware-independent network operating system.

Yes, you got it - Russ White agreed to be one of the guest speakers in the Building Next-Generation Data Center online course. He’ll talk about the challenges of whitebox switching, how his team solved them, and the lessons learned during that process… and of course you’ll be able to ask him questions. I know he loves whiteboarding, and will come equipped with a Wacom tablet, so I’m positive it’s going to be a fun and interactive session.

Excited? Why don’t you register for the course before the “trust the agenda” offer expires?


  1. What is the most advanced switching ASIC today for datacenter? What would you buy now that holds for the next 5 years? And why? What would you recommend? What would you deny? What bugs or limitations do current ASICs have which you won´t accept nowadays?
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