1. great read, more like that please
  2. No, this read didn't make me enjoy my morning coffee ...
    The first page only shows an ignorant As...hole that just can't accept anything he doesn't understand. If he can't think of any reason why someone does sports, why doesn't he just ignore that instead of insulting them?
    The rest reads like the whining of a huffish child that was told that it didn't do good.
    That's what reaction I would expect from the "researcher" that was responsible for the Windows 95 security and now wants to sugarcoat what he did.
    No, security is not only black or white. There are nuances, and luckily not all researchers think like whats shown in James Mickens blogpost. Also thinking about obscure situations improve overall security. And probably sometime in the future one of these security researchers that he bashes will find a way that Mr. Mickens can remember a strong password. And all without being killed by the Mossad ...
    1. "Also thinking about obscure situations improve overall security."

      No it doesn't.

      Also, you are a security guy, that's why you feel that way. It hurts to be humbled. Security research is a joke. The real smart guys are on the other side.
  3. Hyperbole isn't for everyone, personally I love his writing and also his presentations links widely available through your favorite search engine
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