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Webinars in 1H2015, and a Look Forward

The first half of 2015 was extremely productive – seven brand new webinars (or 22 hours of new content) were added to the webinar library.

Most of the development focus was on SDN and network automation: OpenFlow, NETCONF and YANG, Ansible, Jinja and YAML, and Monitoring SDN networks. There was also the traditional Data Center Fabrics Update session in May, IPv6 Microsegmentation webinar in March, and (finally!) vSphere 6 Networking Deep Dive in April.

Do I have to mention that you get all of them (and dozens of other webinars) with the subscription?

The group of awesome authors creating content on is also steadily growing:

  • Terry Slattery (the very first non-Cisco CCIE) was talking about network monitoring in SDN era;
  • David Gee explained the basics of NETCONF and YANG and is already working on an advanced course;
  • Matt Oswalt excited the attendees with live demos of Ansible;
  • Dinesh Dutt focused on the interesting details of Cumulus Linux.

But Wait, There’s more ;)

We’ll try to keep the pace in the second half of 2015 (although it will be extremely hard due to the number of public SDN workshops and other SDN events I’m running). Here are the current plans (some more realistic than others):


  1. Great agenda Ivan :)
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