1. Excellent sheet. I believe I have an older copy or something very similar from 2012. But this is great as well as the PacketLife sheets to add to the collection. Here is a link on a nice addressing tool I used a few projects back in the spirit of sharing.


    Thanks again.
  2. Right now, the working URL is : http://teachmeipv6.com/IPv6-Essentials-Cheat-Sheet-v1.4.pdf (not v1.3 anymore)
    1. Daniel, about that time I was working to get a redirect to a new version working when you tried....the original link does work again, but the pdf is now version 1.4.

    2. Fixed the URL - Jeff sent me a version-independent one, so it should work "forever"
  3. Thanx Ivan for the post! Thanx to all who have d/l the cheat sheet. I hope you find it useful in your IPv6 travels :-)

    It was pointed out to me that I had a couple typos in the doc, so I have updated it to v1.4.

    If you access the file from the link in Ivan's original post, you will now get the new doc.

    Here is a new URL that will be constant no matter the version: http://www.teachmeipv6.com/IPv6-Essentials-Cheat-Sheet.pdf

    Thanx again one and all...Jeff
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