Updated: Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet Encryption

Update 2014-06-18 05:13Z - We slashdotted Christoph's site yesterday. He moved to a new server during the night; the links should work now.

Christoph Jaggi focused on analyzing Metro Ethernet and Carrier Ethernet encryption gear. The introductory part of this year’s report has just been published and it’s definitely worth reading even if you have no immediate plans to buy such gear – it’s a nice overview document covering numerous encryption technologies, key distribution systems, network topologies, and operational aspects. If you want to get in-depth evaluation of individual vendors or solutions, you’ll obviously have to contact Christoph.


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  2. Sorry for the 403. That was not intended. Had some Server issues and forgot to set the web ownership back to "nobody". It took me some time to figure out what went wrong.
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