Programming the Way I Remember It

Jure Špiler, an old friend of mine (and my first boss) sent me a link to a fantastic YouTube video documenting how we did programming on PDP-11 computers when I started my programming career (note: I did not enter compiled assembly code with console switches on PDP-11, but I did do that on an 6800-based box with 2K of RAM).

Related videos tab revealed another gem: PDP-11/34 with RL-01 disk drives – the very same system where I started my IT career as a high-school kid. Enjoy!


  1. Maybe you know this already, but here is another nice video for those of us, who ware working with IT for quiet a while:

  2. Back in university we programmed logic chips in MIPS2000 and then wired them into a PDP-7 board. We were given a wiring diagram which listed all of the required logic gates for the alu and registers and told to get it working. Wiring, mind you, not soldering as the boards were meant to be used for future classes.

    Afterwards we encoded and ran a few simple programs using on/off switches. Oh yeah, this was in 2006.

    One of the most frustrating and useful classes I've ever taken.
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