A Long Trip down the Memory Lane

True old-timers might appreciate the analogies I got while writing the Network Infrastructure as Code article. Let’s start with “do you remember this thingy?”

Source: Wikipedia

If you recognized the state-of-the-art (in those days) box in the picture, you might be able to relate to this screenshot:

Now for a trick question: how is the above screenshot different from this one?

Choose one of the answers:

A) There’s no difference – in both cases you work on actual running code;

B) Well, ZX Spectrum wasn’t nearly as much fun – it couldn’t run the program in the background while you were changing it;

C) All of the above


  1. Mirko tipka na radirko :)
  2. carinikom si rekel, da je to "programator za pranje", ker je narejen iz vodotesne gume.
  3. Struggled for far too long wondering how on earth Pepalnjak had got away without the quotes in line 10! Now starting to question his ZX credentials! :)
    1. Ouch. Looks like you're right ;) Tested the code on another emulator and yes, it crashes ;))

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