Thank you, Troopers!

I spent the whole last week immersed into security-spiced atmosphere of Troopers, a fantastic boutique security conference (like last year, they limited the number of attendees and sold out weeks before the conference).

I admit they totally spoiled me last year, but they managed to make the conference and all the accompanying events even better.

Like always, the talks were fantastic and thought provoking, from IPv6 rants to reverse engineering feats, hypervisor attacks and cloud security – someone actually managed to certify their public cloud for pharmaceutical workloads (I think it’s hard to beat that) – but the best part of the event remains the discussions and the Friday roundtable.

I had fantastic luck during the Troopers dinner: I managed to sit down with two old-timers who still remembered the intricacies of 6502 and Z80 instruction sets.

So, if you live anywhere close to Europe, and have anything to do with security (or related topics), you (RFC 2119) MUST consider attending Troopers the next year … and I hope to be there to meet you ;)

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