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Real-life OpenFlow Deployments

Talking about OpenFlow (and poking holes in it) is fun, but are there any real-life deployments (apart from highly-publicized Google’s internal network)? I tried to describe a few of them in my SDN 101 webinar.

Microsoft is using tap aggregation network in production, and I forgot to mention OpenFlow-based New Zealand IXP.

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  1. Cisco has a shipping product using OpenFlow XNC with their Monitor Manager Solution to build a Tap Aggregation Network:

  2. Left-field deployment, HP and the Ballarat Grammar School in Australia deployed a solution using HP switches and the HP SDN controller with Sentinel for BYOD security.

  3. OpenFlow-based SDN is very real. NEC announced last month they now have over 100 ProgrammableFlow OpenFlow deployments worldwide. In the same announcement they shared another new deployment with the details of providing OpenFlow-based SDN for one of the busiest train stations in the world in Tokyo, Japan to be completed in March:

    Blog followers may also be interested in reading an IDC Customer Profile completed on NTT, the telecom giant who uses NEC ProgrammableFlow SDN for their global cloud offering to enterprises. That can be found at

    Full disclosure: as you know, Ivan, I am lucky enough to consult with the ProgrammableFlow team as they work to transform networking. In my mind, this does not dilute the facts, with proof points here.


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