Network Troubleshooting Checklist

Ronald Bartels created an interesting network troubleshooting checklist that covers numerous aspects of the troubleshooting process, from information gathered during problem reporting phase to timelines, investigation activities, device and port checks ... Feedback highly welcome!


  1. Microsoft Office file from unknown source, really?
  2. Can you pdf this thing?
  3. I would say it's a good list, but it's very linear. Possibly good for more persistent problems where other methods have failed. My personal experience is that effective troubleshooting often looks to progressively segment the possible fault domain, zeroing in on the cause.
  4. I especially like the "Brown M & M" at step 7.6.2.
  5. Updated!

    7.6.2) Do you find curvy blondes attractive?
  6. Find "Cisco" labeled equipment and replace with cost effective gear...
  7. I finally got back to this. The latest one is at

    I have some time to fix it up and then create a pdf version.

    :-) 7.6.2) was a checklist to see if guys were awake.
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