Lego Data Center

Ashton Bothman from Juniper invited me to an interesting contest: build a Lego Data Center. I just happen to have in-house Lego Design Experts (read: kids), so I gladly delegated the task to that team. Here are the results (using the Force instead of unicorns).


  1. Great post, Ivan!
    You really know how to mix these up everyday!
  2. I now have the urge to go out and buy a ton of LEGOss. This is a first for me :)
  3. Love your sense of humor Ivan. Going through a DC design project myself.
    This should remind us to ensure that all designs better not have that exhaust port for an Xwing fighter to shoot into. We all know how that ended;)
    Queue Death Start Music.
  4. Why do you have people in your DC?
  5. Looks like a legocy data center...
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