Update: TRILL on HP Data Center Switches

A few days after I published the Interop Product Launch Craze post, Jason Edelman told me HP claims they have running TRILL implementation. Time to read their release notes.

Results: No mention of TRILL in latest release notes for 12500, 9500 or 58xx. 5900 switches support TRILL, EVB and FCoE since release 2207 (January 2013).

More about changes in the data center switching market in the Data Center Fabrics Update webinar. Now I have to catch the next plane on the way home.


  1. Hey Ivan,

    * Disclosure - I work at HP - words are my own *
    We've dropped the A designation from the products now. You are correct that the 5900 supports TRILL. We also support TRILL on the 11900 and 12900 series that we launched at Interop. We had a TRILL demo running in the booth between 6 x 5900 and 2 x 11900's. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch

    @ dave_tucker
    1. Corrected the switch names, thank you.

      As for the high-end switches - I'm glad to hear the Interop TRILL demo went well, but until the data sheets say "they will be orderable/available at some future date" that doesn't help me much.

      Thanks for the feedback!
    2. The 11900 will be shipping by the end of June (referenced here: http://h17007.www1.hp.com/docs/interop/2013/4AA4-6497ENW.pdf) and the 12900 in Q3 2013 (referenced here: http://h17007.www1.hp.com/docs/interop/2013/4AA4-6499ENW.pdf).

    3. What about SPB or TRILL on the "smaller" HP switches? What about the 5500-EI, 5500-HI, 5800 and 5820 switches?
  2. I've run functional tests of TRILL on HP's recently announced FlexFabric 12910 and FlexFabric 11908-V core switches, used in conjunction with 5900AF top-of-rack switches.

    I did the the TRILL tests in December 2012 at an H3C lab in Beijing. I believe the 5900AF has been around for awhile. The core switches have been shipping for several months in China as the H3C S12510-X and the H3C 10508-V.

    Disclosure: HP commissioned my company to run these tests, and to produce reports about the results. The English-language versions of the 12910 and 11908-V reports are available here:


    1. Hi David!

      Now I'm even more confused than before - the core switches are shipping now, and yet one of them will only be available by the end of the year.

      You tested TRILL in December, yet it will take them another year to bring it to the market. Something just doesn't add up.

      Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Hi Ivan,

    This is the public page with the all the manuals of the 5900:

    More specific, this is the R2208 config guide for trill:

    The release notes of R2207 include TRILL as new feature (as of R2206 based on the notes, but R2207 seems to be the first public version).

    R2207 seems to be a major feature release (including EVB/VEPA, FCOE FCF/NPIV support), current release is R2208.

    Hope this helps,

    Best regards,

    Peter Debruyne.
    1. sorry, just had a mental dip and realized it later on. For some reason I had read that you could not find anything about trill in the 5900 2207 release notes, so was trying to be helpfull, but you clearly stated that it is only on the 5900.

      Time for coffee !
      Best regards,Peter
  4. Just browsing old comments...
    Just curious, why can't we get TRILL on campus LAN switches. It's 2015! How about TRILL (or SPB) on Cisco 3850 and 3650 and 4500 (their current lineup.) How about the HP 5400zl2? All these switches were designed and shipped *after* TRILL came out.

    I just came off of some Cisco SE training for company certification (terribly stupid curriculum) and they are still talking about STP. It blocks a port to stop loops! What a feature! Cool.

    Ughhh. Die STP, die. Just die already.
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