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Kickstart free CCNA and CCNP videos!

Andrew Crouthamel had a great idea – he decided to produce free CCNA-level videos and started a Kickstart campaign to get the funding. The initial response was overwhelming, so he included stretch goals: Wireshark training (WCNA – already reached) and CCNP.

He probably underestimated the costs of the project, but that doesn’t really matter. I’m positive he’ll deliver, so let’s help him get started – if only 10% of my readers donate a single morning Frapuccino to his project, he’ll have more than enough funding to get the whole CCNP curriculum done.


  1. You can find a lot of free stuff on internet... There is just too much material to study...

    INE offers free CCNA & CCNA Voice videos...
    1. My offering will be similar in scope to the Network Academy curriculum, so for those who want more explanations and details than other video training, this will be a good course for them. Also, the INE offer is supposedly limited time, this will be free forever, no strings attached.
  2. Thanks for the support Ivan, I appreciate the article!
  3. Best source for ccna material is
    1. Yeah, if you don't want to have a clue about what you're doing. By all means, cheat and become paper certified, it allows those of us who have actually put in the time to stomp you in job interviews (both on the interviewing and interviewee end.)
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