The Best of MENOG 12

There were numerous great presentations at last week’s MENOG 12 meeting. The best technical ones (from my perspective): BGP Traffic Engineering by Andy Davidson, problems WIMAX operators face in IPv6 world by Reza Mahmoudi and Regional Threat Profile by Dave Monnier (Team Cymru).

On a more business side, there was a great connectivity presentation from James Cowie (Renesys) and hands-on guidelines for setting up a successful IXP from Franck Simon.

You can download most of the presentations from MENOG 12 web site and eventually we might enjoy them online.

The meeting organization was fantastic (but one would expect no less from a meeting where RIPE NCC is involved) and I even managed to find a Dubai attraction that most tourists (and locals) remain totally unaware of ;)

Finally, I’d like to thank Osama Al-Dosary for inviting me to MENOG 12, the program committee who did a great job selecting the presentations, and the organizing team for a wonderful experience.


  1. hi Ivan, would you mind to let us know where can we find the video part of your talk? thanks
    1. No idea if/when they'll publish the videos. Will publish the links when I become aware of them ;)
  2. Is that you climbing Ivan? oO You are a machine. Just checked the youtube feed, still nothing.

    1. Yeah, that's me (and I'm very very far from being a machine - at least from the climbing perspective).

      As for recording, the organizers in their infinite wisdom decided to webcast the conference, but not record it. Go figure.

      Supposedly they are considering changing that, Insha'Allah.
  3. Common Ivan, definitely your keynote and closing presentations about Clouds, Overlays,SDN & OpenFlow were the bests in MENOG (almost all we technicals agree). I have studied your books during recent decade and I’m happy you put my presentation in your list!
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