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You might not have to deploy IPv6 in your network tomorrow (if you’re an ISP I sincerely hope you do), but that’s no excuse for not getting prepared for the eventual inevitable deployment (Tom Hollingsworth has way more to say on this topic).

Don’t believe in the “inevitable” part? Maybe you should spend some time with people who were running SNA and IPX networks two decades ago and living in blissful IP denial.

One of the mandatory steps of your getting-ready process should be visiting V6OPS IETF working group and reading at least its RFCs and drafts, like the newly released IPv6 Guidance for Internet Content Providers (RFC 6883), which contains a nice summary of major steps and roadblocks a content provider (including all enterprise networks that operate their own web site) faces during the IPv6 deployment.

More information

Check out numerous IPv6 presentations I had at Slovenian IPv6 Summits and my IPv6 webinars – the most relevant ones would be Enterprise IPv6 – the First Steps, IPv6 Security and IPv6 Transition Mechanisms.


  1. Also, for anyone interested in a list of all IPv6 related RFCs, from RFC 1287 to 6883:
  2. Today we had a second part of v6ops WG meeting here at IETF in Orlando - some weird proposals are going on, one even about ULA usage recommandations... ;)

    1. Were the NPT/no-NPT-ever zealots in attendance? Must have been an interesting show ;)
  3. Oh yes, very interesting. Now Homenet WG is going on, *this* is interesting ;)
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