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Updated webinar roadmaps

The cloudy and cold autumn weather is the perfect backdrop for marketing-related work. I finally managed to update the webinar roadmaps: overview, data center, virtualization, IPv6 and VPN. And yes, you get immediate access to all that (over 46 hours of content) with the yearly subscription.

Change Log

  • Data center: No major changes;
  • Virtualization: Inserted descriptions of VXLAN and Cloud Computing Networking webinars, moved vSphere Update and Virtual Networking Security into 2013 (2012 is full);
  • VPN: Moved MPLS/VPN on Junos into “planned for 2013” – not much interest from either audience or vendor;
  • IPv6: Inserted description of IPv6 Security, merged NAT64+DNS64 with IPv6 Transition Mechanisms.

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  1. Hi! Any way to show what you have updated..? ("changelog"?) :)

    1. Updated the post. Thanks for the suggestion.