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Just what you need: Positive Factors in Childhood Development

A friendly offer to write a guest blog post for my blog just landed in my Inbox. It's amazing what some people think networking engineers really need.

I came across your blog a few weeks ago as while conducting research for a website that I contribute to. The website aims to look at the progressive areas of early childhood psychology. The idea was originally to create an objective collection of resources for people interested in psychology but it has since grown into something much wider. Today, the project looks at important factors in childhood development that pay dividends in the future.

I think a guest blog post that illuminates the the advancement of our understanding of childhood development would be interesting for your audience. If you're interested, I would love to write something for you and perhaps start a friendly dialogue. What do you think?

Priceless, don't you think?


  1. Put me down as in support of this guest writing a post....and I also enjoy to cook so I could write a post about making homemade bread. I think it'd be a good fit for your users since most of us really enjoy eating.
  2. Wow. Just wow.
  3. Is this why my email fills with job desc's for Nursing careers when I search for "Network Engineer"?
  4. Mass emailing without checking what the blogs actually go after ;)
  5. I'm good at choosing breaking disks and pads for a car, if you need that content :)
  6. do you need to provide your credit card nr to him? :)

    Anyway.. looking at "communication expert" jobs, where psychology or social skills are required.. it's not far fetched..
    Even networking term is very often understood as linking people together..
  7. Maybe we needed a periodic guest blog post to discuss the psychology behind being a network engineer. Why? Why do I do this?
  8. You should ask yourself why this particular mail landed in your inbox. No offense: nothing happens by accident, there's always a "good" reason behind it, and in this situation, I got a feeling I know the answer...
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