Interesting OpenFlow links (2012-04-21)

The blogosphere has been full of OpenFlow-related articles recently (no wonder - there was Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara), so here's a special OpenFlow edition of interesting links

Let's start with my good friend Greg Ferro. I'm so glad to see him returning back from a sabbatical at OpenFlow Kool-Aid lake. His latest articles are a must-read: OpenFlow might lower CapEx while SDN will increase OpEx and OpenFlow doesn’t undermine Vendors even though it changes everything. We're perfectly aligned, which will make our discussions way less interesting, but I'm glad I'm not the only conservative in the town.

Brad Casemore replied to one of Greg's posts with Debating SDN, OpenFlow, and Cisco as a Software Company, reiterating a well-known fact: while Cisco has the best feature set out there, they never knew how to sell software-only solutions (remember their network management products?). Bonus reading: Brad discussing ODMs in Direct from ODMs: The Hardware Complement to SDN.

Jason Edelman was attending the Open Networking Summit and wrote several interesting articles, including Software Defined Networking: Cisco Domination to Market Education and The Evolving SDN Ecosystem.

There were two really good articles on Cisco's blogs: Is it Just Software Defined Networks (SDN)? by Dave Ward (back @ Cisco from a short trip to Juniper) and Open Networking Summit, Day 1 by Omar Sultan.

Finally, Google revealed their production SDN/OpenFlow network, triggering a bunch of industry press articles. Google’s next OpenFlow challenge: taking SDNs to the consumer and Going With the Flow: Google's Secret Switch to the Next Wave of Networking are not bad.

Coming back to the "Open" Networking Summit: the only online copy of Google's SDN/OpenFlow presentations available today is Todd Underwood's lightning talk @ RIPE64 given two days after ONS 2012 ended. Great job, ONS 2012!

And just in case you're interested in some background of all the openness being promoted this week, read a Forbes article that should become a classic: Be Wary Of Geeks Bearing Gifts. Nuff said.

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