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See you @ PLNOG in Warsaw

The 8th PLNOG meeting starts in less than a week and the fantastic Andrzej Targosz has yet again kindly invited me to talk about cloud networking and data center fabrics (the first session is on Monday afternoon, the second one on Tuesday morning). I’ll be in Warsaw from Sunday evening to late Wednesday morning, so if you’d like to meet me, ask me a really tough question (layer-2 DCI is off-limits), discuss your network design, or just drink a cup of coffee or a beer with me (please don’t mention vodka), send me an e-mail and we’ll figure out where and when to meet.

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  1. I know from trusted source, that wodka-beer lab is on monday evening

  2. Jan, do you mean that vodka-beer lab that was mentioned sometime ago in packet pushers podcast?

    Ivan, Jan, will be glad to meet you on the event.

    Kirill/Arbor Networks


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