ExpertExpress – just what you need for a tough MPLS/VPN RFP

A while ago I got a set of MPLS/VPN-related questions from one of my long-time readers furiously working on a response to a large RFP. I answered the questions and (more as an afterthought) mentioned the ExpertExpress service I had been starting to consider. His response amazed me:

ExpertExpress is definitely a very very good idea!!! You know what? I think I will push the company to try to use it to get your advice on the current engagement. The company needs this "yesterday" so I would be able to verify my design and will feel safer with it and will deliver it on time and of course you will receive a fair payment for this.

Next question – when could we do it? Response: how about tomorrow? Sure, no problem (note: it doesn’t always work out that way).

A few hours later I got his network diagrams and list of requirements, and scheduled the WebEx conference call. The detailed diagrams and requirements allowed me to prepare, resulting in a very efficient conference call – we spent a tad more than an hour the next day going through the requirements, matching them to his proposed design, and optimizing the design. After the conference call, he had a well-designed network that he could use as the basis for his design document ... and a recording of our WebEx call documenting all the reasoning we’d gone through.

You could do the same thing. If you need a design review, a second opinion, or just a sounding board for your ideas, I’m just a few clicks away.

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