Interesting links (2011-08-28)

Most persuasive argument of the week: “Are traffic charges needed to avert a coming capex catastrophe?” by Robert Kenny. This is how you rebut the claims of the greedy Service Providers (and their hired guns), not by hysterical screaming and spitting perfected by some net neutrality zealots.

Most insightful talk: An Attempt to Motivate and Clarify Software-Defined Networking by Scott Shenker. While he’s handwaving across a lot of details, the framework does make sense.

The prime example of eloquent blah blah cloud poetry I came across lately: The Need to Design for Workload Mobility in the Cloud: DR and ROI Considerations. Now I know who’s pushing the idea of inter-DC VM mobility: the consultants who need new engagements (and vendors who are keen to sell new gear).

BTW, anyone who manages to mention 100% available environments and the need for VM mobility to implement them has just proven he has no clue what he’s talking about ... see HA fallacies for more details. The only one way to get more nines is still the same: scale-out applications with redundant local and global load balancing (or significant change in the TCP stack).

And here are the other links that accumulated in my Inbox:


  1. Ouch Ivan! Not a fan of workload mobility, disaster avoidance, follow the sun datacenters?
  2. I totally understand the need for disaster avoidance or follow-the-sun datacenters. However, there's the right way to do it and the flat-earth unicorn-tears-based way promoted by some high-level consultants who tend to gloss over the details like traffic flows, latency and bandwidth requirements.
  3. I just saw a link I though you might find interesting...
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