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Data Center Fabric Architectures update#1

Two months ago I wrote the Data Center Fabric Architectures post jokingly defining Borg and Big Brother architectures. In the meantime, a number of vendors have launched (or announced) their fabric products and the post badly needed an update.

I decided to move the updated text to my main web site (where it will be easier to edit), wrote an introductory section, removed a few tongue-in-cheek comments (after all, it’s time to get serious if Cisco’s Data Center blog links to your article) and added numerous links to in-depth articles and examples of individual architectures.

So, without further ado, here’s the Revision 2 of the Data Center Fabric Architectures.

I plan to add two more architectures, reword the Big Brother one and add more in-depth OpenFlow-related information during the next few weeks.

As always, please leave a comment if I made a mistake or missed a product (try to limit yourself to things that are reasonably close to general availability).

We migrated our blog a few days ago, and the commenting functionality is not there yet. In the meantime enjoy the older comments, or find our content on LinkedIn and comment there.


  1. Technically speaking you can combine different models of Cisco 3750's (3750, 3750-X or 3750-E with different port options and density) into one stack. Also you can have mixed software stack with switches having different feature sets.