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Ensuring multi-tenant security in cloud services

One of the interesting problems I was facing in the recent weeks was multi-tenant security. Combine it with fuzzy all-encompassing vapor-based terminology and you have a perfect mix that can fit anything you want to sell. In the Ensuring multi-tenant security in cloud services I wrote for I tried to structure the cloudy visions a bit: let’s figure out which type of service we’re talking about, then we can discuss what security mechanisms make sense.

As you might expect, I find IaaS the most challenging as you’re bound to hit a number of roadblocks, from VLAN limitations to architectural limitations of virtual security appliances.

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  1. Sorry, Ivan... not a fan of the old "you must subscribe to view" sites, where I give them my details and they pass them on to other agencies (why else would they want me to subscribe?.. when a lot of excellent and very well respected sites don't make this demand).

  2. TechTarget is pretty decent. I registered (to view my own stuff ;) ), turned off all "send-me-whatever" options and never got an unsolicited e-mail.


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