The week of blunders

This week we finally got some great warm(er) dry weather after months of eternal late autumn interspersed with snowstorms and cold spells, making me way too focused on rock climbing while blogging and testing IOS behavior. The incredible results: two blunders in a single week.

First I “discovered” anomalies in ToS propagation between IP precedence values and MPLS EXP bits. It was like one of those unrepeatable cold fusion experiments: for whatever stupid reason it all made sense while I was doing the tests, but I was never able to recreate the behavior. The “End-to-end QoS marking in MPLS/VPN-over-DMVPN networks” post is fixed (and I’ve noticed a few additional QoS features while digging around).

The second stupidity could only be attributed to professional blindness. Whenever I read about pattern matching, the regular expressions come to mind. Not always true – as some commentators to my “EEM QA: what were they (not) doing?” post pointed out, the action string match command expects Tcl patterns (not regular expressions).

At least the rock climbing parts of the week were great ;)

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