Looking for vCDNI packet traces

One of the things I wanted to test in my UCS lab was the vCloud Director; I was interested in the details of the MAC-in-MAC implementation used by vCDNI. Unfortunately vCD requires an Oracle database and I simply didn’t have enough time to set that up. If you have vCD up and running and use vCDNI to create isolated networks, I would appreciate if you could take a few packet traces of traffic exchanged between VMs running on different ESX servers and send them to me. What I would need most are examples of:

  • ARP request between VMs. Clear the ARP cache on one VM and ping the other;
  • Regular traffic (a telnet session or HTTP request would be just fine);
  • IP broadcast, for example pinging (works on Linux, but not on Windows);
  • IP multicast. Pinging or should do the trick.

Thank you!

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