Interesting links (2011-01-23)

Interesting links keep appearing in my Inbox. Thank you, my Twitter friends and all the great bloggers out there! Here’s this week’s collection:

Cores and more Cores… We don’t need them! More is not always better.

Emulating WANs with WANem. I wanted to blog about WANem for at least three years, now I don’t have to; like always, Stretch did an excellent job.

New Year's Resolutions for Geeks Like Me. The ones I like most: Deploy a pure IPv6 subnet somewhere; Put something in public cloud. And there’s “find a mentor” ... more about that in a few months ;)

IETF IPv6 Address Allocation Policy Being Updated. IETF finally realized they should focus on technology, not on operational issues like address allocation policies.

Musing: On Permanent and Ephemeral Knowledge and Exam Study. Another great one from my friend Greg (@etherealmind) Ferro.

And last but definitely not least, there’s IPv6 entering public awareness ... and triggering all sorts of journalists, analysts, commentators, opinion-expressers and other “thinkers” to blatantly express their opinions with no regard to how far away they might be from the facts. Two recent examples: Here comes the new money grab (and the somewhat sarcastic analysis by @packetlife) and The trouble with IPv6. Not to mention the fantastic discovery that most customers are not willing to pay for IPv6 (I’m impressed, I would never have thought it’s possible to make such a breakthrough discovery).

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