Yes, it's still the same blog

Don't worry, you're still reading the same blog ... finally I found some time to implement the new design that has been waiting in my Inbox for over a month. Numerous glitches still have to be fixed, but at least the major changes are done.

How do you like the new design? Please share your opinion in the comments. Thank you!


  1. Very nice indeed. Something to be proud of.
  2. Very nice indeed. Something to be proud of.
  3. The design is not bad, it looks more like one page compred to the old design which looked a bit like a combination of several "boxes" - but I'm not a big fan of the color brown for a web page, I liked the decent blue of the old design.
    Another thing which doesn't look so good is the font for the headlines, it has a pretty large space between the letters (compared to the space between the words).
  4. nice and cool Ivan!
    Brown is unusual for a web page, but nothing to worry about, still prefectly readable.

    so long life to IosHints 2.0 ! :-)

  5. Could use a few pixels of left margin. Very flush in Safari. A bit hard to read.
  6. iPad or some other platform? What's your screen resolution?
  7. Have to agree, spend a few pixel on left side. But good readability on my iPad.
    :-) And no footer bar :-)
  8. Do you have "left margin" problem on iPad? Or is it also on other platforms? The content is auto-centered, so it works quite well as soon as the screen resolution is above 1024 x 768 (the page is 1020 pixels wide).

    I will definitely implement an iPad specific fix 8-)
  9. Lookin good Ivan!!
  10. Safari on my MacBook or iPad does the same. 1280x800 on my MacBook. If I make the window fullscreen, it does center giving some space to the margin.
  11. The 2.0 that all other 2.0's aspire to be. May your TTL never decrement, and your DSCP be forever EF.
  12. Really gud and working fine on iPad and mobiles also
  13. I more care about the content than design, but now looks like both is on really professional level. Congratulation.
  14. Is this a rejection of Cisco Blue? :)
  15. Undoubtedly this is a good design. Howvere, i can see the following only when i do a select-all/CTRL-A:
    Internetworking perspectives by Ivan Pepelnjak

    The above was very much visible (on the top) earlier.
  16. Nice. Very Humphrey Bogart.
  17. Just tested: same behavior in all browsers - as you make the window smaller, the left sidebar is pushed all the way to the left. Will add a few pixels there.
  18. Not connected with corporate colors from any particular vendor. My designer had completely free hands and came up with something that I liked (and implemented).
  19. The designer replaced that text with the logo (left) and "smallprint" on the right, which I decided to keep within the background image (it's hard to get good-looking small fonts across browsers).

    The original text is still there (in the background colors) in case someone disables image loading or CSS.

    If you think the Ctrl/A behavior is too annoying, I could move the header picture in front of the text.
  20. Very nice look! Clean...
  21. No that's okay, thanks. That was just my way of testing the new look.

    However, you might want to move the rock climbing pic towards north. Frankly, seldom readers scroll till the end of the page.
  22. Really the content is what we need, but i like the new look, great work
  23. Congrats on the new design! Looks good :-)
  24. Nice and clear, well readable.
  25. Update: left margin fixed.
  26. I am more of a fan of your old design, but anyway I think everyone comes to read this blog for its content over design. :)
  27. Good design. Its easy to read. Even though im not normally a fan of brown, it gives the site a nice feel when its as subtle as it is. It looks great on my iPad as well. Good job.
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