Interesting links (2010-10-03)

Ethan Banks is continuing his deliberations on going independent (or not). He’s definitely collected some very interesting feedback.

Stephen Foskett shared a link to an interesting blog post: “How to Pitch A Tech Blogger”. A must read for vendors attending Tech Field Day (have you noticed there is no mention of Gartner or IDC? ;)

Another great read from Stephen: a large dose of common sense hidden under the “Four Fundamental Best Practices for Enterprise IT” title. I wonder if the vendors touting TRILL and inter-DC bridging with long-distance vMotion ever got to the “Minimize Complexity” part, let alone “Align Expectations with Reality”.

The “Hack The Stack Or Go On a Bender With a Vendor” tackles the age-old dilemma: build or buy, as it applies to the cloudy environments.

Brad Hedlund continues his series of great UCS posts with the explanation of UCS Fabric Failover feature.

Jeremy Gaddis documented his impressions of the Net Field Day 2010 event: day 1 and day 2. If you’ve missed NFD-related posts, Stephen Foskett makes sure you’re able to read them all via his Net Field Day 2010 Links page.

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