SNMP over XML over HTTP?

The snmp-server host command in Cisco IOS has an interesting option: you can specify an URL as the destination host, for example: snmp-server host traps snmpv2c public. However, I was not able to make it work; the router would accept the configuration command, but the outbound HTTP session never starts. Has anyone managed to get this to work? Any ideas what else is required?


  1. Hi Ivan,

    The trap destination looks like a WebDAV. Maybe this helps you to find what's missing to get it going. With WebDAV a username/password is often required.

    -- Dmitri
  2. I would work around that (if necessary). No HTTP traffic (not even the initial TCP SYN packet) was sent from the router.
  3. I can confirm that this doesn't work on c1841-spservicesk9-mz.124-24.T :'(
  4. Ivan-

    Did you ever figure this one out ? Btw, where is XML (mentioned in the title) here ?


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