IOS release 15.0

This is not an April 1st post: I’ve just realized that Cisco quietly released IOS 15.0M (mainstream). Haven’t tested it yet, but the images for a large variety of platforms are already available on CCO. The new features listed in the documentation include:

  • Full BFD support, including static routes, BFD-in-VRF and BFD-over-Frame Relay (next step: test it on a 2800-series router);
  • DHCP authentication;
  • DMVPN tunnel health monitoring;
  • EEM 3.1 (whatever that is, the EEM documentation hasn’t been updated yet);
  • Interaction between IS-IS and LDP;
  • BGP local convergence in MPLS VPN networks (the feature has already been available in 12.2 SRC, now it’s available on more platforms);
  • OSPF graceful shutdown and OSPF TTL security check features are available on more platforms;
  • Intra-zone traffic inspection in zone-based firewall.

It looks like (as expected) the 15.0 release is a grand merge of all previous IOS trains (with a few extra features). Good job; finally we have something new to play with :)


  1. Seems like they fell 13.0 doesn't lucky for them and 14 just not big enough so they choice 15.0. Well if I not mistaken every new features from 12.4T and 12.4 special releases merged to 15.0 but anything else?
  2. Why they've skipped 13.0 is obvious ;) 14 has a similar meaning in East Asia ( It looks like 15.0 is primarily a merge, but there are a few new goodies ... just give me some time to test them 8-)
  3. I've just tested a 7200 image with Dynamips, it still seems to work :)
  4. Another big win is finally being able to install SSH RSA Public keys in the router, for (semi-)passwordless logins.

    I'm not sure the DMVPN if-state monitoring guff is perfect yet (i had to shut/no-shut the tunnel yesterday on my test router to bring it back up), but looks interesting.

    Oh, and IPS is now forcibly licensed (no surprise, given the existence of those "with IPS" maintenance SKUs already).

    Did you also notice the 1900/2900/3900-series routers on the software download page?
  5. I guess the SSH RSA feature was added to the feature list after I've discovered it. I wouldn't have missed something like that ;)
  6. You may or may not also have noticed the UNANNOUNCED NEW ROUTER MODELS, which use 15.0(1)M:

    2901 2911 2921 2951
    3925 3945

  7. Hey Chris, what image did you get working? I just tried c7200p-adventerprisek9-mz.150-1.M.bin in GNS3 and it didn't boot?
  8. advipservices work for me.
  9. Still no joy with running c7200p-advipservicesk9-mz.150-1.M.bin in GNS3. Is this what you are running? Have you needed to adjust any of the memory settings to get it to boot? I seem to get “209-unable to start VM instance ‘gost-c7200p-advipservicesk9-mz.150-1.M.bin-localhost.ghost’. Are you running GNS3 on Windows? 7200 12.4 code is fine. Thanks
  10. Dynagen on Linux. I wouldn't touch GNS3 ... I hate using GUI where CLI can do what I need ;)
  11. You took an NPE-G2 image (c7200p-*), I'm not sure it will work correctly. Try with a MIPS image (c7200-*).
  12. Cheers Chris, c7200-advipservicesk9-mz.150-1.M.bin worked fine. P.S. Ivan - GNS3 rocks! :)
  13. Haven't checked the other ones, but the 1941 seems to be EOS?
  14. Guess they just scrapped the "2." from the "train-name" so while the next IOS train would have been the 12.5.x you now have 1[2.]5.x = 15.x
  15. Cisco 2811 - Traffic Shaping doesn't work. Traffic Shaping statistics is not displayed. Higher CPU load.
  16. Hi, DirkW

    MWR 1941 was EoS since 2003. Last support 2009

    ISR1941 is the new one.
  17. 7200p-adventerprisek9-mz.150-1.M.bin

    unpacked thease file

    GNS 3.72 support NPE-G2 and boot , no problem

    image = /Users/xxxxxxxx/Documents/Dynagen/images/c7200p-adventerprisek9-mz.124-4.XD8.bin

    ram = 256
    nvram = 1024
    disk0 = 64
    disk1 = 64
    confreg = 0x2102
    mmap = true
    midplane = vxr
    npe = npe-g2
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